A Tale of Two End Tables

furniture6914 001


As I was refinishing these little guys, I was wondering if there really is a need for end tables in our decor, still. Are they still relevant?

I started to think of the ways you can utilize these tables, not just for holding up drinks.

The two-tiered end table would make a smashing printer table. I have a vintage desk, and there’s not really room on it for my printer, but that doesn’t mean that I should just dump in the floor. They little gray table would be perfect for holding the printer and the paper on the second shelf. See? That’s at least one creative use. I try to think of the practicality of furniture, being an apartment dweller. It’s not like I’ve got acres of space to spare.

And then, of course, I always need a table by my bed, to hold the stacks of books waiting to read! 🙂

Gray End Table:

25 in-Depth

16 in-Width



Blue End Table:

26 in-Depth

23 in-Width



To purchase or for questions please email at luallenfurniture@gmail.com or call 815-993-8193

We deliver to Chicago and Suburbs


furniture6914 007 furniture6914 009 furniture6914 019


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